Monday, September 7, 2020

City Chicken


Pork butt
Seasoned bread crumbs
Vegetable oil/Crisco
Wooden skewers with pointed ends (cut about 5-6" long)


  1. Cut pork into 1-1 1/2" chunks, then but on skewers.
  2. First roll them in flour, then whisked egg, and finally bread crumbs.
  3. Put vegetable oil in large frying pan and brown each one.  You may have to add more vegetable oil as you go.
  4. Drain on dish with paper towel.
  5. Put City Chicken in a rectangular casserole dish.
  6. You can add a tiny bit of water or fat to the bottom.
  7. Do not put them on top of one another.  
  8. Cover with foil.
  9. Cook at 350 degrees for one hour or until tender.
  10. Uncover for about 10 minutes to get crisp.
  11. Watch you don't burn them!

Tip:  You can use pork and veal or pork tenderloin.

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